How to choose best dog food 2019

A loyal and loving dog is one of life’s greatest treasures. Wouldn’t
you agree? Not only do you go home to a pet that loves you unconditionally, but
they are also great fun to be around with. Naturally, you will want to do
whatever you can to make sure that they have a good life. You can ensure their
health and well-being in many ways, and one of them is with fantastic dog

When you want to keep your dog healthy and free from any sickness,
then you’d better provide him the right diet dog food which will help him stay
active and strong. If you care and love your dogs, then you should [provide
them all their needs. You’d better start first on the diet they should take.
This is one of the best factors you should consider when you want to make your
dog healthy at all times. If you are wondering if you are feeding your dog the
best dog food there is out there, here are some things to bear in mind when you
go pet food shopping next time.

Know the Ratios

Knowing just how much of “what” should be in the food for
dogs is a good and easy way to first start examining and determining whether or
not a dog food is the best dog food for your pet. An easy way to look at it is
that your dog’s diet should consist of the following:

• 50% vegetables

• 40% meat

• 10% grain (or carbohydrates)

That means that the food that has “corn” as the third
ingredient probably isn’t the best dog food for your pet. You also don’t want
to choose a pet food that promises to be loaded with meat. Dogs need their
protein, sure, but anything over the 40% mark is simply overloading your dog
with an unnecessary ingredient.

Meat should be High on the Ingredients List Just as “corn”
shouldn’t be the third ingredient on the list; meat shouldn’t be the last. Meat
should be the number one ingredient on the list! The first three ingredients in
a quality bag of food for dogs are some animal meat meal, such as a beef meal
or lamb meal.

TIP: Do not be fooled by seeing that a meat meal is first on the
list, only to be followed up by fillers and by-products. Make sure that the
first three ingredients are a meat meal to make sure that you are feeding your dog
the best dog food.

Skip the Preservatives

Preservatives are horrible for human and dog health alike. When you
want to improve your dog’s health, you need to skip on any dog foods that
contain chemical preservatives like BHT,
Ethoxyquin and BHA. Any foods that are made with the natural
preservatives vitamin E and vitamin C are far better choices.

Always provide clean and fresh water every day. Try to replace the
fresh water every meal so your dog will be averted from any gastrointestinal
infections. You can also give your dog some milk. Just don’t overdo it or your
dog might end up having diarrhea.

Provide additional calcium supplements if your dog is pregnant.
Puppies also need more calcium in their bodies for their bones to grow strong.
You can easily buy calcium supplements from your local pet shop or better yet
go and ask your vet about it.

Make sure to include protein in your dog’s diet. It is important
that you provide your dog some protein for their body to recuperate from
strenuous activities as well as to help their system to repair its tissues. You
can give your dog some chicken meat, salmon, and even lamb meat. These are all
good source of protein.

A better-looking over-all appearance. Organic homemade dog treats do
not have the artificial colorings, chemicals, preservatives and artificial
additives that contribute to skin allergies and infections. You will notice
when you put your pet in an organic diet that he will have a shinier, softer
coat, clearer eyes and elimination of various skin disorders.

Better digestion and elimination practices. Grains and proteins that
are of natural and excellent quality are easily digestible. When ingesting
these natural treats, you will notice that the dog will eat less because the
meals are densely packed with the nutrients and will satiate the animal faster.
Therefore, the dog defecates less, and his elimination pattern is more
predictable. His poop will also be less rancid-a definite advantage to all pet
owners out there.

The boost in the immune system. Organic food is easily
digestible-which also means that the nutrients that the food contains are
absorbed more. This process is directly beneficial to enhancing the autoimmune
system of the canine. A good immune system will automatically translate to the
lowered risk of contracting canine infections and sicknesses.

When choosing for your dog’s food in the market make sure to read
the label carefully. It should consist of 40% meat, 50% veggies, and only about
10% grain or another carbohydrate. This is the best amount of nutrients you
should look for when buying your dog his food.

Try to avoid those foods that enlisted meat ingredients first on its
label because usually, this means that it has more grain filler than meat. This
affects the nutritional value of the dog food. Make sure that you choose the
kind that enlisted vegetables first on the label.

• Read the food label and check out the ingredients. Many of the
canned dog foods are ready to eat and are referred to as “whole
meal”. This indicates that the food packet contains more water than
nutrients and you need not add anything before giving your pet. Instead, you
can buy dried meals which cost lesser and add necessary water before serving

If the food label says chicken, then it may not be cooked. It is
risky to give such raw foods as your pet may develop food infections. Instead,
choose foods that have the label saying “chicken meal” which means
the chicken is cooked and there is lesser risk of developing bacterial

Never buy a low-quality dog. Go for reliable brands like Pedigree.
Avoid foods with a lot of by-products. Go for those labels which have a lot of
protein in it. You can also purchase pedigree foods that come with discount
coupons. This gives you 10% off when you purchase the same product next time.

See to it that it has no preservatives or additives. Although it is
necessary to add some preservatives to keep its freshness try to see that it
has only a small amount of it. Preservatives and additives can cause a lot of
harm to your dogs.

It’s not a surprise then that some dog owners are getting too
anxious about the quality of dog foods that are being sold in the market. As a
result of their anxieties, some are just serving their dog’s homemade food, about
the same kind of food that they would eat themselves.

This may sound like a reasonable thing to do. However, not all human
food are safe for dog consumption. For instance, some dogs may have reactions
to human foods with too much salt or even too much oil. This is because their
digestive systems are not as tolerant to ingredients that may not cause
problems with humans, Therefore, giving your pet dog some human food may cause
the same problems as those products that were recalled.

If you’re still keen on giving your pet dog your food, use
ingredients that are organic, and those that have not been sprayed with
chemicals. If going organic may mean too much effort, you can just buy foods
for your dog that have organic materials, and those that do not contain a lot
of grain fillers. It is best to give your pet foods that are rich in protein,
preferably those that contain the most common sources of protein such as
chicken, beef, turkey or even fish.

The importance of protein.

When you’re purchasing a dog food, make sure the primary source of protein is from animal products. Stay away from foods that contain ingredients like soybean meal or corn gluten meal as the primary source of protein. When your dog has the right protein for his body, he digests it better.

The benefits of exercise.
Giving your regular dog exercise is one of the best ways to combat obesity. Even if you can only spare 20-30 minutes a day – this is still wonderful for your dog. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of regular exercise too!

Read the label.
When my dogs where younger, they never overate. But then one day the vet pointed out my dogs could stand to lose a few pounds. Since I was “free feeding” my dogs, the vet told me to start with portion control.

Each dog food bag contains the appropriate amount to feed your dog based on weight. This is a very helpful tool. Also, you can buy a reduced calorie or “diet dog food” for your canine.

Cut-out the snack breaks.

Do you give your dog a treat when you leave for work when he goes potty or just when he looks really cute? It’s tempting to load up on the treats, but those innocent little rewards add up quick.

You ought to get a variety when purchasing food to your Pit Bull.
Combining up canned food and dry food will help give you a great mixture of
ingredients and nutritional value that should help you to cover all of the
angles. Your dog will also enjoy the different designs of the foodstuff. They
even enjoy bones and meant flavorful treats.

Hole Bulls choose dog food made from meat because they are mainly
carnivores. Meat helps your Pit Bull develop and is an excellent supply of
energy, but h-e also needs sugar and fiber to aid with food intake.

Wet Dog Food

Most people give their dog some wet dog food from a can each day.
This provides a lot of nutrients and energy and tastes good. Don’t overfeed and
make sure that you follow the recommended feeding instructions provided based
on weight and height. You can now buy dry dog food that when mixed with water
forms a wet food and this is proving very popular due to its sheer convenience.

Dry Dog Food.

Dry dog food, or kibble, is a very good source of protein and
calcium for your pet. Another advantage is that dry food helps to keep teeth
and gums clean and healthy. You should give your pet enough food so that he
stays healthy, but not too much because overweight animals can develop many


Get nice, fat and juicy bones from your local butcher and make sure
that there are no dangerous or sharp elements protruding. Your dog will chew
quite happily on a bone throughout the day. Bones prevent animals from becoming
bored and chewing or damaging furniture and valuable items.


You should make sure that you provide water regularly. Always have a
big clean bowl easily available and in warmer weather refresh your pet’s bowl
very often.


You should buy special pet treats for your animal. It is important
that you don’t make the mistake of giving your dog chocolate as this can cause
very major health problems and issues. Some dogs love meaty treats in various
flavors, such as lamb, rabbit or chicken. You should also give your dog lots of
play toys to stimulate and excite their imagination.

As a precautionary measure, do not buy dog foods that are not
properly labeled, or those that do not have the company name, contact
information such as phone number or web address on the packaging. You would
want to know whom to contact in case something happens to your dog after eating
the dog food.

Find a dog food brand that has earned a good reputation through the
years, and have several testimonials from satisfied buyers on their website.
Make sure that you are only giving your dog the best, nutritious dog food
available and you would not have to worry about your pet dog’s health again.

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